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Stone Carving in India

The stone carving tradition in India is one of the richest in the world Guilds of masons and stone carvers have existed here since the 7th century The skills were handed down as family lore from father to son a practise prevalent in some parts of the country even today The classical tradition of stone carving was closely linked with architecture All major temples of …

Gold Necklace Designs

 · These traditional Kerala styles leaf patterned necklaces are known as Palakka The original necklace has a lovely combination of emerald and ruby but the modern ones now have a different variety of stones and patterns The antique leaf gold necklace models are made from small green expensive stones with red rubies on top and are then beautifully worked to …

Womens Wear

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Grinding Stone

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Kerala Murals are a Legacy in Colours

30 04 2022 · Kerala Mural Art Traditional Procedures to Paint on Walls By Using Natural Materials Mural paintings are usually seen in the walls and ceilings of temples and churches Earlier Mural forms used natural materials and vegetative colours such as herbal dyes fruits juices and also chemicals obtained from stones and roots etc Five colours majorly used are …

Beautiful Neolithic and Iron Age querns from Norway On

 · The basement of the Archaeological Museum at Stavanger University holds the largest collection of grinding stones and querns found at archaeological excavations in of Norway Dating from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages they show the development from saddle querns to standardised rotary hand querns The finest querns are on display in the museum …

Delicious and wholesome

 · Grinding should take about 30 minutes in an electric stone grinder maybe even more sometimes Empty the batter into the bowl containing ground lentils Add about 4 teaspoons of salt and beat the

Traditional Cookware Kitchenware

Essential traditions by Kayal sells the finest traditional cookware and houseware material sourced from different parts of India and made available across the globe Unpolished stone 4 Copper Tin 21 hand made iron cookware or hand sculpted granite grinding stones are made by artisans is passed down through generations


Some of the common examples of stone crafts are temples and utility plentiful supply of sandstone on the Shivalik hills has encouraged the stone crafts in Himachal Pradesh The landscapes of Himachal Pradesh are dotted with numerous beautifully carved temples which stand unique in their carving styles The temples of Masroor Baijnath temple in Kangra Shiva …

Stone Stone Design Ideas Stone Craft Items Stone

Stone carving It is the ancient art of cutting natural rough rocks or stones into utility and decorative items The end products are permanent and are least affected by forces of nature Thousands of year old remains of rock cut artifacts have been excavated by the historians and archeologists depicting the existence of this art form from time unknown

Traditional and Water Purification Methods of

Figure 1 Jempeng stone filter Jempeng stone filter units are placed in the artificial ponds The filter unit is carved out of a porous material called cadas This unit has an average height of 60 cm a diameter of 50 cm and a wall with a thickness of 10 12 cm This unit is placed on the top of a stone supporting gravel bed

Methods of grinding spices

Methods of grinding spices evolve over the years Long time ago when human beings started processing their food they discovered that some plants could be stored longer and also tasted nicer if they were pounded with stones or ground finely For example seeds or …

Traditional Dresses Of Different States of India

 · Kerala The women of Kerala wear traditional costume called Mundum Neriyathum The mundu is the lower garment and neriyathu is the top one worn over a jacket or a blouse The lower part of the dress consists of two pieces of cloths Mundu is worn below the navel and is made of cotton Madhya Pradesh Lehenga and Choli are the most famous …


and blade harrow Bakhar are traditional implements used for loosening of soil These are simplest tools designed to break the topsoil and multi passes are carried out to prepare seedbed Mould board plough disc plough soil stirring plough ridger plough tool frames/carriers with mouldboard plough or tillage sweeps etc are improved implements designed for breaking …

Surabhi Products

Best Chakki Atta is prepared through the traditional stone grinding process Surabhi atta is also manufactured through this method to produce finely grounded atta which is rich in protein and fibres Surabhi atta is grounded from the best Palakkad wheat and is distributed through an efficient delivery system

Sattu Ancient Tradition Giving Women Livelihood And

 · Jata a traditional grinding stone used to grind dry food items has virtually become a tool of the past about to be relegated to the museum Till a few decades ago it was an important tool in every rural Women like Sunita are giving jata a new lease of life by making sattu with it This sattu with a traditional touch is called jata sattu

Granite Stone Attukallu Treditional astona stone art

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Soapstone Kalvam

Soapstone Kalvam is a stone that is similar to a Grinding stone Our ancestors have used the Soapstone Kalvam in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines It is used for grinding many types of dry and wet herbs from ancient times till now This Soapstone Kalvam can be used at home regularly with ease It is easy to handle and clean It is indeed

Mannar Craft

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Traditional and ayurvedic foods of Indian

 · Classification of traditional and ayurvedic foods are provided Preparation of susupe dosa includes grinding boiled red raw rice with aniseed palm jaggery and salt followed by soaking for 4 5 hours in water After soaking it is cooked in dosa pan For the purification of lactating women s blood it is advised to give at least three susupe dosas twice a day without …

Folk to functional An explorative

 · The traditional process of preparation is still followed by the specific tribes and castes in different provinces Some fermented food items are popular as delicious daily dish and propagated even abroad Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 depicts a unified geographical map of India along with region specific rice based fermented food and beverage diversity

Identifying Aboriginal Sites

A stone quarry is a site in which Aboriginal people collected suitable types of stone for the manufacturing of tools ceremonial and sacred items Some types of stone taken from quarries include silcrete chert and some fine volcanics Most of the fine stone flakes and tools found in the local area would have been traded in from other areas such as the north coast Hunter Valley …

Palappam Recipe Kerala Style

 · If using coconut milk for grinding the rice then keep a check on water You may not need to add water or add very less amounts Instead of making the solution with dry active yeast you can also add the dry active yeast granules in the blender or mixer grinder while grinding the rice If the batter become too thin then add some rice to

Traditional soapstone storage serving and cookware used

29 05 2022 · The hand carved traditional versatile kitchen utensils made up of soft soapstone are used and treasured since the rise of civilization in India especially in the southern states Andhra Pradesh Telangana Tamil Nadu Karnataka and Kerala They are called as rathi chippa and kal chatti and employed for cooking serving and storing food for many generations

Datun to Kulhad 10 Things

 · In Kerala the city corporation of Thiruvananthapuram is aiming to eliminate single use containers to deliver food and replace them with this green alternative for food packaging These leaves are a classic example of how nature provides us with everything in abundance and yet we go looking for items that ultimately harm the ecosystem

Tamil Brahmin Wedding Iyer Marriage Tradition and Rituals

14 11 2022 · An Ammi kal grinding stone is kept in Northern side of the fire The groom takes the toe of the bride s right leg and places it on the stone When they return to sit in front of the fire the bride s brother puts two handfuls of puffed rice in her hands which is then offered to the Agni by the bride and groom with a little amount of ghee

Category Culture of Kerala

Culture and traditions of Kerala Upload media Wikipedia Authority control Q5193578 Reasonator PetScan Scholia Statistics OpenStreetMap Locator tool Search depicted en Culture of Kerala Subcategories This category has the following 61 subcategories out of 61 total Culture of Kerala by city‎ 24 C Culture of Kerala by district‎ 14 C Journalists from …

A perfect South Indian breakfast

Down memory lane in a small distant village in kerala a very peculiar image would be my grandma sitting over a traditional stone grinder locally known as aatu kallu and grinding the rice and daal to form the idli batter which is used to make your idlis and doshas a famous South Indian breakfast item Years have passed and although the same technique is still used in …

Soapstone Kalchatti Cookware

We learnt from many grand mothers that the most sought after and frequently used stone cookware is the one made of soapstone called Kal Chatti Their memories of the most authentic tamarind based gravies and spinach are all made in this soapstone cookware With this knowledge we initiated our journey in search of the authentic artisans who made these …

How to Make These 19 Primitive Tools

Photo A neolithic grind stone Spoons and Eating Utensils If you ve just used your grind stone to process some food you are going to need something to eat with Spoons can be hollowed out of wood using an ember from your fire and a flint flake but it would be easier to use a shell or they can even be made out of folded bark like image 2 in